I Survived My Interview With Tammy Theriault

My friends, I have battled and lived to tell the tale!

Recently, I challenged epic interviewer Tammy Theriault to a verbal duel the likes of which had never been seen. We met on the field of Internet war, and the titanic clash of wits and words was so great that the digital landscape rocked. The sky lit like fire, crashing sounds of hyperbole and onomatopoeia shook the ground with fury, and as the dust settled from our final charge, Tammy and I found that we had both survived.

So, in keeping with true Keyboard Ninja tradition, we decided to share our battle with all of you. Follow the link below to Tammy’s blog and check out the results of the interview!


On a slightly more serious note, Tammy was a super awesome interviewer and I had a total blast doing this with her. If you want to test your skills against her, drop her a line at tammybr12@gmail.com. In the meantime, stop by her blog and leave a comment!

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One thought on “I Survived My Interview With Tammy Theriault

  1. tammy theriault

    i hope this is not one of those fake advertisements….you know. the ones you get in the mail for education or male enhancement. i’ll click and check it out anyways…hahaha. had such a good time. would so do it again…


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