Here’s How You Can Read a Secret Prologue for THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING!

I’ve kept something under my hat for a while, knowing that eventually I’d want to share it with all of you. I’ve just been waiting for the right time. That time is now, and it comes with a challenge.

When I first wrote The Year of Lightning, it had something extra – a prologue. I loved writing this prologue. It starts with a bang and shows a glimpse of events that you only hear about in the main story. Ultimately, it wasn’t the right opening for the book, so we cut it. I still have that scene, though, and I’d still love for you to read it and get a little more insight into some of the supporting characters.

How can you read it? That’s where the challenge comes into play. One of the best ways to support authors is to post a review on Amazon. The more reviews an author gets, the more exposure Amazon gives them, which translates to more sales and the ability to write more books. Reviews don’t have to be long and complicated – a couple sentences and a star rating are all it takes.

But I want to do more than just ask you to review the book. I want to give you something for doing it. So, here’s the challenge and the incentive:

The Year of Lightning currently has 20 Amazon reviews. I’d like for it to have 50. If we can get it to 50 reviews by the end of June, I will release the secret prologue on my website. Where do you come in? You leave a review, convince friends and family to read it and leave a review, and help spread the word on your social media. The quicker we hit 50 reviews, the quicker I can publish the prologue.

Ready? GO! (and thanks)


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