Expanding My Editing Services

Writer friends, some of you know that in addition to my writing work, I’m also a professional editor. Most of my early work involved the more technical side of writing (business, tech news, etc.) but in recent years I’ve also been editing novels. Today, I’m announcing the official expansion of my editing services to include novels.

Details of my services and fees can be found below. If you know any writers looking for an editor, I’m happy to answer any questions at RyanDaltonWrites@gmail.com.

Some reactions my work has received:

“Ryan Dalton has such a good eye. He has the capability to see the big picture and offer suggestions that take manuscripts to the next level. He’s the plot king. Not only does he know how to fix books from a large standpoint, but he also has the vision for the little details. He’s made my work so much stronger!” 

“Ryan has edited two manuscripts for me, and his critique made such a huge difference! He especially has a fantastic eye for plot and pacing, as well as knowing just what a story needs to make it that much better.”


For one price, edits will include:
– Correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and errors in language and sentence structure
– Suggesting replacement words where necessary
– Fact-checking commonly known details (geography, etc.)
– Providing feedback for the plot, structure, flow, and characters of your story. This may include anything from my general thoughts on tone and style to character arcs and the effectiveness of specific plot points. I will also note any inconsistencies in plot development.

The Editing Process

I typically ask for three weeks to complete the work, though it will likely be finished more quickly. Conversely, I may ask for a little extra time if the manuscript is longer than average. Time starts upon receipt of the electronic file or paper document. Please ensure that your manuscript is double-spaced with 12-pt. font.

When the work is complete, you’ll receive two documents. The first is an edited copy of your manuscript, with edits color-coded so you can spot them easily. The second is a report containing my feedback for the story itself.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the edits, my fee includes a thirty-minute phone call to discuss the details of your manuscript and clarify any editorial notes that you would like to discuss.

Once you’ve revised your manuscript, you may find it helpful to schedule a second round of edits. New issues and challenges can arise during the revision process, and a second round will help catch any errors in structure and execution. If you choose a second round, you’ll receive a discounted rate.


For one round of edits, plus a thirty-minute phone call, my basic rate is one cent per word. So if you have a 50,000 word manuscript, my fee is $500. If you prefer to receive edits in paper format instead of electronic, a small fee for shipping will be added.

If you choose to schedule a second round, my rate is one half-cent per word, or $250 for a 50,000 word manuscript. If you choose to schedule both rounds up-front, I offer a 10% discount. So the cost for a 50,000 word manuscript is $675 instead of $750.

Many editing services charge double (or more) than my rates while offering far less in the way of support and feedback. For me, it’s a matter of pride to help your work be the best it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone you know is searching for an editor, they can feel free to contact me with any questions at RyanDaltonWrites@gmail.com.

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