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Ryan Dalton's debut novel THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING was released January 12, 2016 from Jolly Fish Press. Click the cover to read about the book and find order links. Book 2 of the Time Shift Trilogy, THE BLACK TEMPEST, will be released on January 10, 2017. Mark your calendars! Click the cover to read a synopsis.

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Here you'll find everything from Ryan's thoughts on writing to random and ridiculous stories about being a caped crusader.

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More About the Author
RYAN DALTON either wears a cape and fights crime abroad, or he writes about it from his red captain’s chair at home. Perhaps he’s a superhero that’s trained with the world’s finest heroes, or he’s a lifelong geek who sings well and makes a decent dish of spaghetti. It’s also plausible that he’s been plotting to take over the world since he was ten, or that he’s since been writing novels to stir the heart and spark the imagination. Either way he lives in an invisible spaceship that’s currently hovering above Phoenix, Arizona. Want to talk to Ryan? Follow the social media links or email him at RyanDaltonWrites.@gmail.com